28 Jan Still Making These Mistakes in Social?

One of the biggest mistakes brands are still making in social is overemphasizing themselves. Companies are spending time and money to acquire a larger audience so that they can talk at more people, while simultaneously ignoring the fact that those people aren’t message receptacles. They are speakers that need to be activated.

Social media was originally driven by consumers talking about companies, not companies talking to consumers.

Your business may cringe at the idea of putting so much “speaking” power into the hands of your customers, but remember – they are already talking about you. Why not let it occur in a place where you can monitor and respond to comments and questions?

The long-term impact of letting your clients and customers take the reigns of your social voice is usually a steady stream of followers, sharing, and ultimately being evangelized by your audience. When you join the conversation and respond quickly you multiply that reach in this “thank you” economy.

On the other hand, if you don’t allow your customers to be heard or share their personal experiences on your social media networks in attempt to “control” your message, it will have a very negative effect on your company in the long run. Especially if you jump to delete any negative comments instead of replying to resolve the issue.

Remember: it’s about them. It’s no longer about you. Why is this a good thing?

  • Your audience has more social connections and can share your message
  • Your clients are trusted by their friends and followers, therefore when they share your message you become a trusted brand
  • You have access to a steady supply of new supporters

Where can you encourage your audience to create and share content for your business? Let us know by commenting below or sharing on our Facebook page.

Sibet B Freides