18 Mar How to Enhance Your Digital Ads

So much of a media buyer’s time goes into determining which ad units are best suited to a campaign. Which position is viewed or clicked the most? Do people respond to ads that expand and demand your attention? Does video work?

Format and position are two important things, but have you asked yourself how to enhance your ads to make them more interactive and engaging?

Consumers are bombarded with today’s digital ads. Advertisers have to work harder to ensure that their messages leave an impression.

How do you do that?

Add clickable buttons to video ads. As much as the presence of video can enhance ads online, there are ways to make video even more effective. One of them is to make the clips clickable. Adding clickable elements to a video ad makes the medium more interactive. Consumers are encouraged to take action on the spot, when the effect of the video is strongest.

Among ad technology companies offering features like this Real Media Group offers a retractable social media slide bar, a media playlist, and a call-to-action button.

Providing viewers with additional tools creates branding and direct response combined into one powerful media instrument.

Proper hashtag use. Approximately half of the TV spots that aired during The Superbowl included a hashtag, and brands have had great success with them. In our current social media economy they’re an effective way to steer a conversation about your brand online.

It’s important to choose a relevant hashtag with staying power as opposed to one with limited campaign usage. Just as ads should be consistent to keep campaigns cohesive, your ads should revisit your chosen hashtag over time.

What about you? How do you enhance your digital ads to better engage with your audience? Share by commenting below or posting to our Facebook page!

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