19 Mar Social Listening – Yes, It’s Important

ideaviews social listeningMore and more brands are learning that listening over social media is far more important than broadcasting. Consumers want to be heard, not talked to.

Why Listen?

Social listening offers opportunities to interact directly with consumers. But it’s not just about setting up a monitoring account and watching tweets that mention your brand’s name.

If you really want to see results, you need to listen and respond strategically.

A recent study by JD Power suggests that you don’t just listen, but understand. The full picture will tell you if you’re hearing one loud voice vs. a growing trend. If positive feedback is from good advertising or the quality of your product or service.

Remember, too, that their CONTEXT matters. Are they reaching out to you, the brand, for resolution? Or are they venting to their friends and followers? Either way, you need to respond!

Make sure when you engage that you are building the relationship – offer value. Although people are posting online, on public websites, they still take privacy seriously. If brands “intrude” on a conversation without offering value or resolution it still appears creepy.

How does your brand listen socially? Has it paid off? Share by commenting below!

Sibet B Freides