30 Jul Are You Marketing or Telling a Story?

ideaviews share your storyPeople relate to other people — not businesses. That is the driving force behind all successful social media channels today. So what is the best way to connect with your customers and clients? Through stories.

Humans have been exchanging stories since the days of cave drawings. Your Facebook wall is not much different than those prehistoric cave walls! Your Facebook marketing should revolve around good stories, not “selling.”

Facebook is the perfect platform for storytelling – it’s not limited to 140 characters and it’s super easy to instantly share what stories touch you.

What kinds of stories should you be telling?

PostPlanner.com advises that you shouldn’t stick to the usual “brochure fluff” you would put in your marketing collateral. How about telling your own story? Your readers already know how to find out about your awards and what makes your company successful. But what about what you do when you’re not working? Something you’ve learned recently that really helped you? How your passions and values tie in to your business?

Not that you shouldn’t talk about your company, but perhaps your audience wants to hear why you started it in the first place rather than a laundry list of services you provide. Your accomplishments are great, but what about your failures? What did you learn from them?

And don’t forget to showcase your clients! Instead of just testimonials, really illustrate how they are successful and why you like working with them. If you have any before and after transformation stories that’s perfect!

The bottom line is that people are engaging so much more with companies that show their human side. Be authentic, be you, and get storytelling!

Sibet B Freides