06 Apr Native Ads vs. Banner Ads – Which Are More Effective?

What exactly is Native Advertising? It’s is a form of online advertising that matches the form and function of the platform on which it appears.

Facebook does a brilliant job of this… as you scroll through your newsfeed and see updates and articles from your friends and pages you like, you stumble across an ad or offer that makes you look twice, because you do not recognize the brand. However, it instantly appears trustworthy to you because it gives the illusion that it was recommended by a friend.

According to research from IPG media lab, native ads are viewed for the same amount of time as editorial content and is much more likely to be shared than a banner ad (32% versus 19% of respondents said they would do so).

This informative infographic from sharethrough.com really helps explain Native Advertising and its benefits.

native ads

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