27 Apr Emotional Video Ads Capture Your Brain

Our brains are bombarded with messages by the minute. We spend so much time online and on our smart devices that we’ve become rather blind to standard ads, even when they are animated and flashing – competing for our attention. Are you familiar with “ad blocker” services on your computer? Our brains sort of have them, too.  So how can brands get through to their audience without completely stalking and invading them?

A Forrester Research analyst in New York believes that brands need to deliver emotional messages to accomplish this. Especially in the crowded mobile playing field.

Using the available digital data and targeting to reach a consumer who is interested in the product, you can make it past the filter in the brain that evaluates content and decides if it is relevant. But there is more to it than data analysis.

While video and image-based mobile experiences are expected to become more important in the years ahead, you cannot succumb solely to technology and forget your message. Advertising works when it has a high emotional appeal.

Video is the way for brands to make the most out of their message. Beyond TV media buys, brands can learn from YouTube celebrities – they build big audiences, but it’s the RELATIONSHIP with their audience that counts. By making recommendations and offering helpful tips, subscribers pay attention to everything you have to say.

Since the launch of Netflix in 2007, there has been a steady progression of new services and products in the video arena. The time is now for your brand to show that you are relatable and relevant, and your audience is waiting to see it. What’s your video marketing strategy to show them?

image courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net

Sibet B Freides