01 Jun Advertising Should Solve Problems

The average person sees more than 3,000 ads a day, yet less than 10 are remembered. Your message is competing with others over multiple channels: newspapers, magazines, websites, banner ads, Blogs, mobile ads, emails and more.

How do you stand out and be effective?

You must listen to your audience and truly understand their pain.

With all this information at their fingertips, the average consumer has learned to zone out ads that don’t help them solve a problem. If your ad tells the reader something useful to them, they will actually see it.

The key to a great ad is to remember that everyone has problems – your message has to instantly address and solve it.

A creative brief should always have a clear problem that the consumer has, and a clear solution that the product/service provides. You have a problem. We have a solution.

We still sometimes believe that the purpose of an ad is to solve the client’s needs by boosting their sales. But truly the ad has to appeal to the consumer. To do this, you have to identify why your product or services will make their lives better or easier.

If you convince consumers that by solving that problem your product will make their lives better or easier, consumers will buy it.

Can you sum up your problem and solution in a clear, single-minded ad that will be viewed for mere seconds? If you need help with your targeted messaging, reach out to us. We can get your brand past the clutter and solve your buyers’ problems.

image courtesy of freedigitalimages.net

Sibet B Freides