25 Aug Social Media Trends To Watch

Social media is more than just a means for connecting with old friends. It’s a marketing tool, a platform for discourse, and a medium for social and technological change. Not only is person-to-person communication easier and quicker than ever, companies and entrepreneurs can now reach their consumers in mass using a variety of social media options. Here are some social media trends that marketers and individual users have embraced.

Video Marketing

The Internet is bursting with video content these days. As a matter of fact, video is the number one preferred content type for the average user. Everything from personal video diaries to full on film productions curated for and distributed online have found their audience. Platforms like Vine, a short-form video hosting service, allowed users to quickly film and edit content and became widely popular before its demise. Instagram, Snap Chat, and even Facebook took notice of the demand for video content and have incorporated it into their platforms with various features and length limits (the ideal being 90 seconds or less). Live video has also found its place in video marketing, providing users with a behind-the-scenes real time view of their favorite people and brands.

Micro Content

Much like with video, content creators are really embracing the adage short and sweet. Micro content is short-form content in the form of brief text, images that tell a succinct story, audio snippets and more. The real draw is the accessibility of the content. Users can consume stories quickly and the content is easily viewed on mobile devices, where more people are doing their social media searching.

Embracing Industries

People haven’t always embraced changes in social media. Platforms that we now use daily may have struggled early on to show their value to hesitant consumers. On the other hand, social media has not always embraced the consumer right away. For example, only recently have social media giants started to cater to real estate consumers. Both industry professionals and interested buyers benefit from connecting with one another on major platforms and companies like Facebook are finally implementing ad products for the industry. With an increasing number of ad dollars going into social media products and campaigns, the social world can profit by embracing new industries and its customers.

These social media trends are changing the way people and the brands they love communicate and engage. Evolving content possibilities challenge curators to convey relevant and accessible messages. Concise, visual, mobile-friendly, and industry relevant content is the name of the game in 2017 but future social media possibilities are endless.

Sibet B Freides