27 Oct The Perfect Match

Technology is constantly changing. From small enhancements that make everyday items easier to use to never-before-seen innovations that change the world, this evolution never stops. Though some advancements may make their predecessors obsolete, it’s important to marry old and new when it can better our society or even just your overall product. In marketing, the many quick changing developments in digital media may offer a tempting alternative to print. However, there are still major benefits to creating print campaigns and combining them with a solid digital strategy can set your business apart.

A popular marketing mantra is, “go where your audience is.” In the digital era, you’ll probably find a significant portion of your audience online no matter what service you’re providing. But those same online users exist outside of their desktop or smart phone and with some creativity, you can more effectively target these consumers and reach new prospects simultaneously. One strategy for combining the worlds of print and digital is utilizing crossover tactics. Adding a relevant URL or QR code to printed material allows the recipient to continue engagement by providing an online resource to learn more information, interact with the business through social media, or make a purchasing decision. Including these elements in a creative strategy also opens up the door to clever designs that attract attention and compel people to take a second look.

Not only can you bring digital to print, you can also use your online platforms to push printed content. Maximizing your social presence through digital campaigns, contests, and giveaways allows you to market printed material before the physical roll out, thereby providing insight into consumer interest and target demographics. By allowing these mediums to work in tandem, you have the opportunity to understand the different ways people consume content and communicate with businesses and brands.

Though digital strategies have taken precedence in the marketing world, the healthy marriage between print and digital media cannot be pushed to the wayside. Effectively using both mediums will allow marketers to capture their audience in numerous ways and advertise their business to a new set of consumers. At Idea Associates, we understand the benefits of maintaining this union and have the tools to help your business maximize brand awareness. Give us a call today and take your brand to the next level.

Bruce Freides