23 Nov The Holiday Rush

It’s the holiday season and consumers are hitting the stores, both online and off, to find gifts for their families and friends. Marketers know this is a busy time of year and people are looking to spend on the right products and services. Creating a marketing strategy that captures the attention of these eager shoppers can help your business stand out during the holiday hoopla.

The first step to capitalizing on the holiday rush is to find out where your consumers shop. Online shopping has never been easier and many people use it as a convenient alternative to visiting stores in person. If your consumer base shops online, using social media to market your business is a great promotional strategy. Major social media platforms offer various ad types that can be customized to appeal to the unique interests of your customers. Ads that transition between photos or have video components are especially popular around the holidays as they stand out from the traditional singular image and text ads that are served year-round. You can also use social media to create holiday themed posts, share festive content, and encourage engagement with other users.

Businesses can also utilize their company’s website to reach online shoppers by ensuring the site is up-to-date and incorporating holiday themed designs. Posting relevant content and updating your site often will improve SEO and increase the likelihood of users finding your brand while searching online. For the holidays, updating your business listing to include holiday themes and adding some of that content to your website with blog posts, pictures, and events calendars can benefit your brand during the holiday season and bring users back once the rush is over.

Tis’ the season for gift giving and great deals. Make sure your business stands out in the online market by utilizing creative advertisements, relevant social media posts, and turning your website into your best salesman with pertinent information and interesting content. If you utilize these digital strategies during this popular time to shop, you can use the holiday rush to your advantage.

Bruce Freides