01 Feb Newsletters

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Newsletters are still a great way to market your services to prospects and current clients. Serving as both a brand refresher and a new marketing tool, newsletters have the potential to keep you on a customer’s radar while also appealing to them with new ideas.

The biggest benefit of the newsletter as a marketing tool is its regularity. As a marketer or business owner, you can customize a delivery schedule that best benefits your brand. Whether you send newsletters out weekly, monthly, quarterly, or on special occasions, you have the power to determine the timetable that best suits your customers. Because of their consistency, newsletters also enable you to practice passive marketing while your team focuses on real time opportunities. Once you’ve created a newsletter template you’re happy with, you can set your schedule for digital or print delivery and let the newsletter run its predetermined course. When you have new information to share, want to update messaging, or need to revamp the design, your team can make the necessary changes while staying on schedule.

When it comes to recurrent marketing, it’s important to consider the context of delivery. This includes both the timing and method of delivery. You don’t want to inundate your customers with newsletters that don’t share pertinent information. When you are trying to stay relevant to your customer-base, it may be tempting to send out a newsletter for every minor change in processes. But too much nonessential information could damn your newsletter to the trash bin forever. Instead, try to find a balance between frequency and content. If you want to send newsletters every week, you have to ensure that you have something compelling to say just as often. You’ll also need to determine how you want your audience to receive the information in your newsletter. Are your consumers more likely to open a digital newsletter or would they rather receive one in the mail? Perhaps you have an audience that can appreciate both methods. The key to the success of your newsletter depends on understanding your audience and determining when and how they want to hear from you.

Newsletters are a great way to keep your customers aware and establish a relationship with prospects. This marketing tool enables you to disseminate helpful information about your services while also unobtrusively marketing your brand. If you need assistance creating newsletters for your marketing plan, contact Idea Associates today!



Bruce Freides