05 May The Art of the Testimonial

What is one of the biggest shifts in today’s advertising paradigm? Real reviews from real clients are far superior to the best marketing copy in the world.

BUT… the second piece to this paradigm is that good reviews create no value for you if you can’t put them in front of prospective clients.

How do you get great reviews?

Ask for them.

Loyal and satisfied clients are glad to give you a review or testimonial, but they won’t think to do it without prompting. In addition to simply asking, you can also have a feedback form prominently placed on your website. Make it easy for people to share their thoughts with you and you’ll get a lot in return.

Important: Make sure you get permission to use testimonials and positive comments on your website or in your marketing materials. Again, if you simply ask, most people are more than happy to help. It’s also good to ask how they would like their name to appear after the quote; do they want initials only? Full name with title? Company and website?

Anytime you get a positive comment or even thank you email, you can turn around and thank the person and then ask if you can quote them for your website (or where you want to use it). DO NOT IGNORE THIS STEP – it could very well come back to haunt you if you do.

What do you do with your collection of testimonials?

Put them where your potential clients will see them! On your homepage, your sales page, and in your newsletters. Occasionally scatter them in your social media messages. Be creative with them! Just be sure to make them relevant to the message they are sharing space with. If your testimonial is about going above and beyond, don’t pair it with a former client list or price breaks and specials.

Don’t forget the obvious – find positive words about your company on others’ blogs, Twitter, discussion forums, and popular online review sites, such as Kudzu.com, Google, and free websites relating to your niche.

Sibet B Freides