24 Aug The Benefits of Google+

There always seems to be a new social network – so why try Google+?

Over the last several years, online conversations have moved from blogs to social networks. The most engaging status updates, tweets and shares generate conversations, edging them up to the top of the search engines.

Comments, likes and shares have become important measures of influence. Does Google+ give Google search the social functions it needs to stay relevant? Is it still an experiment, or should businesses be thinking about how to use Google+ in their social media outreach strategy?

Content creation has moved away from page views to short, microbursts of information, making Page Rank much less useful.  Using Google+ may be better than other social media tools because it does less; it has a specific set of features and doesn’t try to be everything to everyone in a single platform.

Google already has established services like Gmail, YouTube, and more. Google+ can easily integrate into these existing services and add a social function to boot!  Many people feel Google is a solid cake with social being the icing to enhance the overall user experience.

Overall, your business still needs to have a clear strategy and specific goal, no matter what new-fangled social tool pops up next. Yes, you need to understand the ins and outs of social media marketing and where your audience spends their time, but what good are likes and followers if you have no idea what you want to achieve once you get them to your social profiles?

Idea Associates has a 25+ year solid background in traditional marketing. Our new media solutions help you define, carry out and measure goals that will get you results, using only the platforms that make sense for your business.

Sibet B Freides