17 Nov Baby Boomers Finally Contributing to Online Sales

Baby Boomers have finally become more comfortable with technology; they have now started spending a great deal of money online. According to Mediapost, more than 70% of consumers ages 45 to 55 made an online purchase in the past three months.

Consumers ages 56 to 66 spend the most online among all the generations – more than double the amount of what is spent by those ages 18 to 22.

The average online consumer owns two connected devices. Not surprisingly, the ability to go mobile will fuel the trend, as 78% of those adults going online daily.

Nearly all online U.S. adults own a mobile phone, more than one-third own a smartphone, and close to half log on to the Internet through it at least monthly. 67% of these consumers are considered the most sophisticated by a Forrester study because they rely on their phones for email, games, and checking news, sports and weather. They also use their phone to send text messages and watch videos.

The study also suggests that consuming other media has become popular online. 74% of consumers watch TV online at least once weekly.

It is yet to be measured how Boomers are responding to online ads and where they are most reachable. What do you think from your experience? Are Boomers clicking online banner ads, pay-per-click, review sites? What do you think is the best way to reach them online? Share by commenting below or posting on our Facebook page!

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