06 Aug Blogging is a Strategy, Not Just a Content Game

The times have changed. Again. Creating a Blog and providing inspired content used to be a lax process. Either people followed you or they didn’t. But now there are so many key components to a successful Blog, and success is being measured by the number of people who visit it regularly.

What your game plan should be

Visually, your Blog should be attractive to your target audience. What is your product or service? Who will most benefit from the information you can provide? Is the format simple and easily scanned by your readers? If your audience is too overwhelmed with information they will not stay and read on, nor will they subscribe or follow you regularly.

How about your content? Is it sales-y? Does you use too many industry terms? Are you boasting about your company’s accomplishments or genuinely sharing what you know so your audience will view you as the “go-to” person when they need information and advice?

Are you using images related to your content? Do they portray emotions and lifestyle or are they product and branding shots? How do you grab people’s attention? Are your titles enticing and do they draw curiosity?

Don’t forget the keywords. What does your audience search for? Are you sprinkling those words and phrases into your content, links, images, and “About” page?

It’s not easy keeping up with the latest trends and staying on top of the Blogging game. If you need help getting started or maintaining our voice on the Blogosphere, give us a shout and we’ll take the hard part away so you can focus on what matters: running your business.

Sibet B Freides