30 Dec Web Advertising 2014 – ALL About the Image

ideaviews imagePinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, Buzzfeed…. some of the most popular new social media platforms and websites of 2013 are pointing towards a new trend in web ads for 2014.  Sources ranging from Forbes.com to blogs like that found on medianovak.com all agree, image driven advertising, especially image driven branded content will reign supreme in the New Year.

Why? The answer will sound familiar to anyone who deals with consumers on or off the web. They’re busier than ever and they show no sign of slowing down.  This means that your target market is unlikely to stay on a web page just for an ad with bullet copy and a lackluster stock shot. In an age where no one is going to give your ad attention, successful ads reach out and grab it.

Another driving force behind this change in ad style is the ubiquity of websites, blogs and social media platforms that offer space for long form copy and the information that was once necessary to pack in print and digital ads. It’s become instinct for today’s consumer to click through an ad that interests them, so those information packed ads are no longer essential to a campaign’s success.

Think of it this way, if you’re on a page with a banner ad that  mostly features copy about a builder in your area has recently added 2 new 3 bedroom floorplans with luxury features to his plans for an exclusive condo tower, all accompanied by a small picture of the tower, you may click through, or you may not.  That ad gave you plenty of information, why go find out more? If you’re seriously interested in the condo, you can just Google it later. You hit refresh and a second banner ad comes up with an artistic illustration of a woman getting out of a high-end car on a city street with a tagline “Elegance. Coming 2014” and the builder’s logo in a corner. Chances are, you would be more inclined to click through.  Both ads are selling the same product, and both are technically well done. But there’s almost an air of mystery about that second ad and even if you’re not in the market for a luxury condo, you may want click through, just to find out what that “Elegance” really is.

From an ROI standpoint, creative, visually appealing ads that intentionally withhold information from the consumer could boost your click through rate. Make sure the information they’re looking for is easily discoverable once they click through, and you may find that your audience is more willing to click through an ad that keeps them guessing than one that tells them everything.

All signs point to 2014 being the year of the image driven ad, so, as we move towards January, what are you designing? 

Sibet B Freides