02 Apr Why You Should Still Be Kickin’ It Old School

ideaviews traditional mediaAlthough you may keep hearing that “print is dead” and “this is the digital age,” this does not mean you should only market your brand online.

Entrepreneur.com recently talked about a Pew study that found that 73 percent of surveyed people 18 years of age and older use social media. Yes, that’s a big percentage, but we must not neglect the other 27 percent of people who still read the paper every day or listen to the radio on the way to work.

To effectively reach those customers, you have to have a holistic marketing approach: integrating online with “old school” marketing such as print ads, radio, billboards and direct mail.

Even in traditional media, however, our attention spans are still shorter than ever. Within your strategy it is vital to keep your message short, scannable, and benefit-rich.

Remember the Boomers

Baby Boomers want great service, and when they get it they are loyal brand ambassadors for life. Don’t just reward your Facebook audience for loyalty! Newspaper ads and postcards are a great way to thank your loyal customers.

Entrepreneur.com also reported in a recent study that the average consumer spends just over five hours daily on digital media, four-and-a-half hours on TV, one-and-a-half hours on radio, 32 minutes on print media and 20 minutes on “other” types of media. That is a lot of opportunities to reach your audience in a variety of ways.

We continually remind our clients that consistency is key. This goes for traditional AND new media. Your customers should recognize your brand, your message, your voice across all mediums. Additionally, don’t “blow out” your message in one fell swoop and then disappear. Stay consistent in frequency and branding and you will see the results, no matter what your medium is.

Sibet B Freides