04 May ReBrand

Corporations, they’re just like us! Corporations aren’t really people, contrary to federal law, but just like you and me, companies can still benefit from a makeover every once in a while. We might call our spruced-up wardrobe and newly regimented gym schedule a new year’s resolution or a lifestyle upgrade. When businesses make big changes to their logo, products, or style, they call it a rebrand.

Rebranding is a type of marketing strategy where a business will develop a new identity through the transformation of previously established brand symbols. These changes can come in the form of a new moniker, color-scheme, marketing campaign, and more. There are various reasons why a business may want to rebrand themselves. As we mentioned in our blog post, “Content is Still King”, Wendy’s rebranded their classic red-haired mascot to keep up with the growing popularity of business-to-consumer engagement online. By reinventing Wendy as a feisty social media darling, the company was able to develop strong partnerships with talented content creators and poke fun at their biggest competitors.

In some cases, a company may want to target a new audience and will rebrand themselves to better appeal to that demographic. Burberry, for example, has been a fashion staple since the mid-1800’s and has gone through numerous rebrands to connect with diverse consumers. Founded as a posh outerwear company, Burberry once appealed exclusively to upper class outdoorsman. The brand developed a strong association with British explorers and soldiers, even adopting the image of a knight as its now famous logo. In the new millennium, the brand brought on innovative designers to inject some new-age cool into the centuries-old fashion house. By adding sleek, modern designs to their inventory and making celebrities like Emma Watson and Kate Moss the faces of the brand, Burberry was able to keep their brand relevant while also appealing to more women and young people.

Both budding and long-standing businesses have used rebranding as a tool to market their products and services. Whether adapting to modern trends or connecting with a new group of consumers, a rebrand can breathe new life into old ideas. If you are looking to rebrand your business, the creative team at Idea Associates can help. Contact us today to get started!

Bruce Freides