15 Feb Yard Signs

In the real estate industry, the yard sign is almost as common of a networking tool as the business card. This signage serves as a lead generator that can help agents garner new business while closing deals with current prospects.

The Look  

Similar to designing a business card, making a yard sign is a great opportunity to get creative with your personal marketing. The colors, typeface, and even the size and shape of your sign are all qualities that communicate something about your business and the property listing. The design of your yard sign should be eye-catching and reflect the character of your brand. When potential buyers see your sign, it should give them an idea of who you are as a real estate professional.

The Message  

The design of your sign is what will catch everyone’s attention. But once you have the look, you’ll need to ensure the sign’s messaging is clear. Your name, company, and contact information are imperative if you want to bring in leads. It’s also important to let prospects know what they can expect if they follow up on the listing. You’ll want prospects to know if the property is for sale, rent, or available for viewing. This will help communicate your offer to qualified leads. Once you’ve nailed down the must-have information on your sign, you can play around with more creative messaging. Fortunately, yard signs don’t have to be all business. A thoughtful tagline may pull at the heartstrings of a prospective homeowner and make all the difference in their purchasing decision. A personal touch may also help differentiate your listing from a competitor’s, giving you an advantage in the market.

The Location

Does every listing need a yard sign? Not necessarily. The better question is, do the risks outweigh the benefits? If you could hand your business card to every person who walked by your listing and pitch the home to them, would you? This is essentially the purpose of a yard sign. It markets the home you are trying to sell while you work on other projects. It’s a form of one-time, passive marketing that, if done well, brings the prospects to you. There will be some neighborhoods where yard signs are frowned upon, but in most cases, a yard sign will yield more positive than negative results.

Bruce Freides