26 Jul Reviews Are Free Marketing

Reviews play one of the largest roles in consumer behavior. Buyers value experience when making a purchasing decision, and now those buyers can voice their experience publicly about your product or business. On average, 77% of shoppers have bought because of their trust in reviews.

Reviews impact the consumer journey. That statistic alone shows how powerful a tool reviews are. On the internet every voice has the ability to hurt or help your business, and if you handle navigating customer reviews well, those happy buyers do your best marketing free of charge.

Other Advantages of Reviews

Reviews are also useful because they can allow businesses to course-correct based on real-time feedback from purchasers. No matter the size of your company, listening to consumer feedback can allow you to fix unknown problems and implement better services that will ultimately lead to better reviews, higher credibility and more sales.

And once you begin to see better reviews you’ll also see better SEO. Searchers are more inclined to type a whole question, and those question key words are often found in reviews. Also, search engines will respond to questions like “best burger in Atlanta” with the highest reviewed restaurants correlating the word “best” with the reviews.

What is your business doing to lean into the new era of review-based consumerism? If you can, ask your audience to review you! Survey data shows that customers are willing to and often do when asked. This could create a new opportunity to interact, retain, and grow your consumer base in an effective way.

Bruce Freides