27 Feb Marketing Ideas for New-Home Sales

The housing market’s recovery is undoubtedly good news for builders, but years of “bare bones” marketing efforts and the explosion of social media as a major player have left many in the dark about sales and marketing strategies in the new world.

Here are some solid tips to help ease the transition.


Your website should be the hub of your marketing efforts around the web. All social media, email campaigns, and banner advertising should direct customers back to a well-planned website.

Websites are not marketing “brochures” and should no longer tell site visitors the whole story, since that allows them to make a decision without you ever having the chance to contact them. Instead, bait your audience with your expertise and helpful content and save your “secret sauce” for the follow up. You should also experiment with different calls to action to get prospects interested.

You wouldn’t trust a general freelancer with your building jobs, so it’s best to let professional writers handle your website content and create content for Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and email blasts.

It’s also a good idea to incorporate a capture form into your website to garner information on what shoppers are looking for in a home. Then you can email them custom information that fits their criteria.


Although people are looking for custom solutions, branding and image are still as important as ever. People will remember your brand most when you have the right message, which Idea Associates can help you with. When you know your brand message, you can ensure that message is conveyed at every interaction a customer has with your company.

Partnering with Realtors

You can include your local Realtors by sending sales teams to the Realtor offices to be a part of their weekly meetings.

Since Realtors are an excellent source of qualified leads, treat them as a customer and educate them on how you build and the value your homes offer.

One way to get to know your Realtors is to host a monthly lunch group for the top Realtors in your area at your model homes to give them a chance to become familiar with your product and learn about any new communities or floor plans you offer.

Sibet B Freides