26 Jun Paid Ads or Branded Pages?

eMarketer estimates that US social network ad spending will grow 31.6% in 2013. Are brands looking deeper than just pumping money into targeted display ads delivered on social media platforms?

73% of respondents surveyed by Forrester Consulting were found to use Facebook branded pages to deliver their messages, making it the most popular social media tactic among social advertisers. Only 56% purchased ads on a social media network.

Of those who do purchase ads, only half of respondents actually use demographic targeting on social networks to focus in on prospective customers. Even less engaged in geographic targeting, users interests-led targeting, and behavioral targeting. With social media networks continually gathering a wealth of information on their users, advertisers who fail to target their messaging are missing out.

What do you find most effective? Paid ads or posting content to your business page for users to engage and share? Let us know by commenting below or posting to OUR Facebook page!

Sibet B Freides