29 Jul How Do Consumers Feel About Ad Tracking?

Today’s consumers on the web have expectations about privacy; how does that fare with new ad companies’ new practices of tracking, collecting and sharing data without their permission?

When asked if they would allow companies to track, collect and share data about them in exchange for a free service or product, nearly three quarters of respondents were very much against it. Is there a misunderstanding about online ad tracking? Many ad networks currently collect data about web users – even if they opt out of receiving behaviorally targeted ads.

Is it the term “tracking” that leads to the negative response of consumers?  According to mediapost, research commissioned showed that 75% of consumers would prefer a free, ad-supported Internet to a system where they had to pay for blogs, entertainment sites, video and social media. Can it be both ways?

All of the major web browsers currently offer do-not-track settings, but the ad industry claims that companies should still be able to collect data for market research purposes and analytics even when users say they don’t want to be tracked.

How do you feel about ad tracking for market research and data collection?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

Sibet B Freides