18 Sep Getting Mobile Engagement from Your Audience

According to Clickz.com, a recent study by Initiative (a media agency) revealed that voucher codes, QR codes, and brand mobile websites drive the most engagement from consumers compared to mobile banner ads.

It clearly shows that activities that can only happen on mobile yield the most engagement in click-throughs, downloads, and interactions.

The more consumers browse on mobile, the more they shop from the device, the research claims.

52 percent of smartphone shopping is done while consumers are relaxing at home, typically in the evening. Conversely, almost half of all research and price comparison happens in-store with QR codes, comparison sites, and coupon/voucher sites increasingly accessed via smartphones.

Digital social behaviors such as instant messaging and social networking are consistently migrating from laptops to smartphones. Users spend 58 percent of their time connecting digitally to other people via their smartphones compared to desktops.

For retailers, the study showed 25 percent of consumers regularly post updates or comments on what they’re buying and 26 percent will regularly take a picture to share with friends.

No wonder this audience is best engaged through conversation than standard banner ads!

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