27 Sep Affluents Right at Home in the Digital World

In a recent survey about lifestyles and attitudes, 79% of affluents shared that in the last decade their lives have become quite intertwined with technology, including digital advertising. Almost 60% said they took action as a result of seeing a digital ad, including clicking, searching for more information, buying the product online, or going to a retail store to purchase.

Agencies have traditionally felt this group was the hardest to reach through any media, especially TV and radio. However, they are actually the heaviest users of digital media, spending at least six hours more a week than the general population.

What does this mean?

The paradigm has shifted; you can expect affluents to respond to digital advertising and even share information about them so they can have a more personal online experience.

They still seek clever and attractive ads that entertain, but affluents look for balance and relevancy, as long as it is on their terms and they are not repeatedly interrupted with ads that demand immediate action.

Sibet B Freides